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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  January 7, 2014 6:00pm-6:23pm EST

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>> i would like not to ever do it again. it happens. no one can do much about it. to make matters worse, a pipe burst in the baggage area of reagan national airport. he water did not cause any serious damage. just an inconvenience. you can keep track of the weather any time on our website. we will have the school closings and delays, and the latest problems caused the cold. , why major bank is paying out major dollars to victims of bernie made off. >> tough words for members of congress while they were to
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>> taking steps to restoring benefits to more than million people. >> this is after obama tries to put a human face to the issue. >> all politics are local and personal. on tuesday, to drive home its point about a hot button issue, president obama allowed one military mom to tell her story.
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>> i'm working hard to find a position. unemployment benefits have been essential to cover my bare necessities. my cuts include hating my house to 58 degrees, wearing a hat to stay warm. tuesday, president obama offered sympathies. >> is the only source of income they have to support their families where they look for a new job. these are your neighbors. it could be any of us. unemployment helps people and creates jobs. voting against it does not. congress should pass this plan right away. >> obama spoke after the sin advance the 6.4 billion dollar
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plan to extend unemployment benefits another three months. the plan faces uncertain final passage in the senate and the house. for public and saying they could support it with conditions. to extendd find a way and without adding to the debt. >> constantly extending the unemployment benefits pays workers not to work and hurts the economy. next, another frigid night headed our way. there is hope. doug hill will tell us when things might get warmer. i will tell you the latest capitals are will pack their bags for the olympics.
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>> breaking news involving members of the u.s. air force. they have been believe died in a helicopter crash that went down in a coastal area two hours northeast of london. an investigation is underway. >> in the country's largest bank, they'll pay to we and dollars to charges they ignored
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bernie made off's ponzi scheme. despite the settlement, the bank says it is confident none of the employees knew about the fraud. madoff is serving time in new york. the sentinels maintain their vigil outside of the tomb of the unknown today. army saysrson for the the soldiers work in 30 minute shifts as to mr. santo as well as five degrees. -- even as temperatures sank to five degrees. days a year. i don't think i'm contagious. another, the wind has
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diminished. a pretty decent warm is on the way. let's get started with pictures. starting with current temperatures, it is plenty cold. temperatures in the teens. double digits across the region. 10 in gaithersburg. 19 in quantico. 18 at reagan national. floorboard, look at the averages. we did not tie the record low. we missed that by one degree. there are some records today. these are the records for the lowest high temperature day. only hitting 16 at baltimore. that was a record low. we missed that by five degrees. these cold debentures are going to continue through the morning hours.
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the polar vortex, the thing everybody is talking about, it was far to the south. see live set you can northeast. it will start to warm up around the area. we can show this in a couple of ways. 15-20 degrees warmer in spots than they were yesterday. the warm up is beginning. this temperature shows how much warmer it is right now and it was this time yesterday. in kansas warmer city. 13 degrees warmer in chicago. milder temperatures are moving our way.
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with the high-pressure in charge, we have one more cold my. bright sunshine from the high-pressure on the backside. that will slowly move in the balance of the week. with that will come upper air disturbance that might bring patches of light snow or flurries to parts of the area. looking at the impressive recovery, 40s on friday. into the 50s as we head into the weekend with saturday rain. toyota sports desk. brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> and at the game. i watched the entire game. a lot of happy seminoles out there. a few founders of screaming what
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a play in those final two minutes of the game, let's relive it. 24-23 auburn. whitfield at kickoff. he is gone. he keeps going. yes so much room. he beats auburn for a 100 yard touchdown. seminoles go up three. unstoppable. lead.gers regain the a game-winning touchdown. florida state wins the national title. itmuch promise in november, is look like anything but for the wizards. , theteams double-teaming team is struggling and they know it. >> we have to regroup. haven't reached
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the benefits of home-court advantage. they have dropped four games in a row. >> the words of advise, i seem to be working. >> [inaudible] >> some players see a silver lining. [inaudible] >> washington is it in the east. it is one game at a time according to the head coach. >> i don't look at it as a three-game. in howa big difference we are playing right now. >> no truer words spoken.
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was named to the olympic team. the show goes on. a four- practice today, game slowing -- goring drought. jay gruden is set to interview with the redskins tomorrow. he is one of 11 coaching candidates. >> no hints about where this is going to go yet. >> it is a guessing game.
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>> it is going to get warmer by the weekend. karen temperatures, there are the numbers. -- current temperatures. 18 degrees in the nation's capitol. we are going to see the numbers drop. they'll be in single digits across the area. reagan national maybe up to 10 or 11. maybe a touch of light snow on friday morning. we will talk more about that when i join at 11:00. >> i knew there was hope.
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welcome to "world news." tonight, the coldest night yet in the polar plunge. all 50 states seeing temperatures below freezing. we'll show you travelers trapped 14 hours on a train. firefighters, out in the arctic cold. from the icy roads, to the polar bear that had to go inside. busted. police and emergency responders accused of lying, scamming about the trauma of 9/11. tonight, some are charged with living it up while claiming they're disabled. and superdieters. the 15% of us who really do know how to lose weight and keep it
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off reveal their secrets.


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